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Packages Designed to Make Your Vehicle Look Like NEW!

The Ultimate with Renewing Massage  $235*

We begin with a hand wash of the exterior, clean the wheel wells, clean and dress the tires and wheels.  Your vehicles exterior paint finish is carefully rubbed out to remove imbedded dirt, atmospheric fallout, marring and very light scratches.  Then we polish to a high gloss, and finally, wax is applied to protect the new finish.

The interior carpets and upholstery are vacuumed and shampooed, vinyl and leather are cleaned and conditioned.  Clean and polish bright surfaces.  The instrument panel is detailed.  We vacuum the trunk and finally clean and polish the windows inside and out.

     -with Engine Detailing add:   $35.00


The Ultimate  $210*

The same exceptional pampering as the regimen listed above, with the exception of the paint rub-out.


The Spa Special  $159*

Hand wash exterior and door jambs.  Clean and dress tires and wheels.  Wax exterior paint surfaces.  We vacuum the interior, clean ash trays, shampoo the carpets and floor mats. Spot clean the upholstery. The vinyl and leather are cleaned and conditioned. Clean interior and exterior windows and mirrors.


Quick Touch-up  $35*

Hand wash and dry exterior.  Clean interior and exterior windows and mirrors.  Empty ashtrays and vacuum interior.

*Prices Quoted are for Passenger Cars.

Additional cost for:

Mini-van or Small SUV        add  $25.00

Mini-Van  w/Sto&Go           add  $49.00

Pick-Up Truck                    add  $35.00

SUV or Van                       add  $35.00

Large SUV                         Ask for Quote

Extended Cab Pick-Up        Ask for Quote

Conversion Van                  Ask for Quote